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Surpix™ are massurrealistic montages of children's fashion footage, created by Xiprus™. We do this for a better world.
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WHAT ARE SURPIX? Surpix™ are digital rendered/composited pictures, movies and paintings of children.
They show up all over the web - and have become very much wanted collectors' items by all kinds of people,
all over the world. Surpix™ come in many variaties; plain pictures, large posters, wallpapers (computer),
wallpapers (mobile phones), flash art, video and multimedia.

Surpix™ are massurrealist works of art. If you would like to know more about Massurrealism, start off by
checking out the Wiki entry of Massurrealism.
"I remember my grandfather painting portraits of children and animals (oil on canvas) and me, being fascinated by that.
I would like to think I continued his work. The only difference is - I'm using software, instead of paint. It has been a
passion of many years (ever since I got my first Atari, in 1983) - and since 1996 Surpix are online and millions of people
visited our websites. Please - refer to the disclaimer and FAQ as provided below - if you have any questions!
Email Xiprus AT surpix DOT com if you have more questions. Thanks for reading! - Xiprus"





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The website and the works of art it includes are provided 'as is'. The authors offer no garantees whatsoever concerning the content, the pictures & statements. The website has nothing to do with the pages that brought you here. Xiprus doesn't accept any responsibility / has no control over the content of the 'linked from' and 'linked to' internet or usenet sites.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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How many Surpix are there? At this moment the whole collection consists of 800 dcf pix, 4000 surpix, 165 Synergies and about 300 other surpixcodec video's. Ofcourse these are dynamic numbers. The collection is still growing! :-)
Why are you doing this? For the sake of art: As a composer & designer Xiprus is quite passionate at getting the perfect picture. Xiprus ventures in doing so by recycling, photographing, (mostly) scanning, painting and recomposing. It's a way to (firstly) support the children (Unicef,, check the links section) and, secondly, relax & be creative, and escape from (often tedious) professional work.
Why only children?

The girls (and boys) are subjects in a piece of art. Xiprus has always been fascinated by the funny appearences of children - their 'almost' fashion, their 'out of proportion' bodies/faces etc. In terms of composing the child is the most irregular human being. A good picture of a kid should be funny, magical, surreal and colourful.

Xiprus' work focuses certainly not only on children. He also creates abstract artworks, business websites and has a legal degree.

Who are these children? Did Xiprus photograph them himself? Most pictures are collages, compositions. Scanned from ads from various sources, like catalogs, newspapers, flyers, television footage. Most children are 'professional' actors and models. Some pictures were photographed by Xiprus. Some were send in by friends, families and proud parents.
What equipment has been used to produce Surpix? If you want brand names, well <OBVIOUSLY>it's a lot of Apple computer</OBVIOUSLY>, Adobe Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop CS with Extensis, Flaming Pear, GoLive InDesign. Hardware: Epson & Epson, a tad Minolta and some Kodak! And ehm.. me and my family and friends, at home and at work - we like apples. :-)
Can I send a picture to see what you do with it? You can send any decent picture of a girl or boy. If the picture is appropriate and you want Xiprus to retouch or colorize the picture - send it to the above e-mail addy. No guarantees though! And do NOT send spam, links or erotic/lewd material!!!
I want to complete my collection of Surpix. How? If you're interested in a DVD, it will become available in the future. For inquiries, email xiprus(@) Otherwise keep an eye on the website - which will be updated regularly.
Do you have more of this or that girl/boy? Do you have pantyhose pix, sexy/erotic or nude surpix, etc. etc.

Answer: No. Xiprus won't go into requests. Period. Xiprus has _no_erotic interest in children and does not correspond with people who do. If you find any surpix on inappropriate websites or paysites - please try to contact or report the website owner, or e-mail to abuse(@) Child_erotica websites or any links to this website of the sort will be reported to the ISP's and backbone providers. Thanks, for reading!

If you are a ped0phile of sorts, please get help. If you're not sure you can refer to websites like - please be aware that does NOT support you.

Quick Tutorial



A quick tutorial of the Surpix process.

The artist takes ordinary stock footage of "something cute" and tries to conserve it in the process, by turning it into a surreal article.
The result is satire in the most advanced form.

The stock footage (old vhs, vinyl, photo negatives, TV, catalogs, etc) is digitized, music and image are cleaned, color corrected, enhanced and edited, and things are so combined, that for conservation, the result is a clean looking Surpix.

From a co-founder of creative commons. Surpix and Synergies are fair use of art, combining multiple sources into pastiche. Satire is the essence of the free world. If there's no satire in a society, there is no freedom and democracy.

Thanks for reading, and if you want to support Surpix help create a better and fairer world, click the sponsored links on the main page.. Our funds go to

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